by Hannah Faye

It's fun being friends with people who take phenomenal photos. Check out more of Cameron's work at and

It’s fun being friends with people who take phenomenal photos. Check out more of Cameron’s work at

This time last year, I made a decision that changed my life in a huge way: transferring universities. For two years, I attended Auburn University, enjoying some parts but disliking others. My excitement about the possibilities and opportunities that stood before me grew during my first few months there, but over the next two years, my reasons for being there and being excited slowly began to disappear.

I was unhappy with the activities I was involved in, I didn’t enjoy what I was studying, and some of my friendships fell apart. I did my best to make changes and make the most of my time there, but I still wasn’t content. I applied for new activities with leadership positions, but didn’t get them. I changed my major, which helped my happiness inside the classroom, but I was still unhappy in the other areas of my life. I made a strong effort to spend time with the people who mattered: my true friends, my kindred spirits, my family, my boyfriend. Some of them were near, but many were hours away. Unfortunately, our schedules did not always allow for that quality time, and instead I was left surrounded by people that were insincere and unkind.

With all these small changes, I only found fleeting moments of happiness when what I was truly seeking was a steady sense of contentment. I wanted to thrive in life rather than simply try to survive.

So I decided to transfer to the University of Alabama. I decided that these small decisions helped only in small ways, and a big decision would lead to a big change in my life. This change also involved risks. I risked giving up the financial stability of a scholarship. I risked losing the friendships I had made. I risked starting over.

But I was willing to take that risk. If I’m being completely honest with myself, I wanted to start over.

So I did.

And it has been such a blessing. This past year has been one of the best years of my life, because I took a risk and made a change. It took a lot of courage to admit that I was unhappy with my life and to make the decision to change, to search for happiness, to be happy.

 I am finally happy with the activities I am involved in. I’m happily tutoring kids, spending time with international students, and writing for the campus newspaper. I am finally happy with my major, which I changed to English Language Arts. I am beyond happy with my friendships and relationships, including my family and the love of my life. I  am surrounded by the most amazing people who encourage, love, and support me. Despite the distance, I have also maintained the true friendships from Auburn through daily phone calls, book swaps, and coffee Skype dates.

It is because of all these people, both near and far, that I have been inspired and encouraged to start this blog. I hope to be able to share my love for words through this blog, whether those words are written, read, spoken, or sung. I believe that words have the power to change lives and open doors to worlds and experiences that one would otherwise miss.

Thank you to those of you who decide to follow my blog and follow my journey. It truly means the world to me.

– Hannah Faye


Here’s a poem that I wrote for a class in which the professor asked us to rewrite a poem into our own words. I chose Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken,” and not only rewrote it into my own words, but also rewrote it through my own personal experience.

Two Roads Diverged

You can find Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” and other great poems from other great poets at

*Just to clarify, Auburn University is a really, REALLY great school. Once I found myself in the right major, I actually loved my classes and my teachers. And I thought the campus was beautiful. I have friends who still go to Auburn and they love it. Unfortunately, it just was not the right fit for me.