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Month: September, 2013


 The Wild Feathers self-titled debut album came out last month, and it is a must have.

One of my new favorite songs that I find myself listening to on repeat is The Wild Feathers’ “The Ceiling.” I listen to this song while I run, while I shower, while I study, while I drive. Especially while I drive. My favorite time of day for a joy ride is at dusk because everything looks gold. Riding with the windows down and the volume up can immediately transform the way I am feeling and make me forget about the world outside of my car.

I often feel as though a road trip and a good CD are the cure to everything. To me, it is the emotional equivalent of the ice and Advil remedy. It can help ease the pain of an argument, a breakup, or just a bad day. To me, The Wild Feathers debut album is the perfect soundtrack for any road trip.

It is hard to choose my favorites from The Wild Feathers album, because to be honest, I could listen to this album on repeat without ever skipping a song. But if I had to choose three favorites, I would choose:

  • The Ceiling – for obvious reason already stated above. This was the song that first caught my ear and led me to their album.
  • Left My Woman – I choose this song as a favorite because it so clearly portrays the voices of each of the band members. Not only can every member of this band play an instrument, but they can also all sing. They can sing individually as a lead vocal, and they can sing together and a beautiful harmony. Their harmonies actually remind me of one of my favorite bands, The Eagles.
  • Hard Times – It’s just so relatable. Everyone goes through hard times. And not to mention, the melody is lovely.

The Wild FeathersAnd just in case you are worried that this band will let you down in their live performance, which many bands do, rest assured that they sound just as good live as they do on the album. If you don’t believe me, head over to their YouTube page and check out their “Truckstop Cover Series.” As you can imagine, many bands spend a lot of time on the road, and I often wonder how that time is spent. The Wild Feathers give some insight into life on the road by posting covers recorded in the van as they drive down the road, in the parking lot of a fireworks pop-up shop, or a on random park bench. These covers not only allow fans to see the band’s pure, unplugged talent, but also give them a sense of the band’s influences, including Tom Petty and Bob Dylan.

Also, in case you want to give the album a run through before purchasing, you can currently stream their album at Rolling Stones. I think you’ll enjoy what you hear.

– Hannah Faye



“Words can launch us…I believe it’s true that
the right people can say words that can change everything.
And guess what? We’re the ones who can say them.”

As I read these words, I felt like Bob Goff had written Love Does specifically to inspire me. I am passionate about words and believe that words have the power to shape our lives. That is why it is a dream of mine to become a writer. And Bob Goff’s novel is full of inspiration for everyone who reads it and everyone who has a dream.

I found inspiration from the beginning of the introduction to the end of the epilogue. I don’t know if I have ever read a book to which I can relate so closely and laugh so heartily with each chapter. Bob Goff has a powerful way of telling the stories of his life to his readers as if each reader is a close friend sitting on his living room couch.


Find out more about Bob Goff and his secretly incredible life at bobgoff.com

“…I’ll never just write down facts like what I had for lunch or who I was with or where I was. Instead, what I’ve been writing down are all of the things I can remember that have shaped me, all of the words or phrases that have pinged me, all of the stories that have happened in my life.” (p. 187)

With each chapter of Love Does, I too felt like I was being shaped by Goff’s stories and pinged by his words. His book now sits on my bookshelf as a constant source of encouragement to live a fully engaged life.

I have been encouraged and challenged by this book to be more active and intentional with my life by doing the things that I love. I talked about wanting to start a blog for about a year before finally sitting down at the computer a few weeks ago and putting my words into action. Now that I have, I am ready and excited to pursue more of my dreams, no matter how hard the journey may seem.

Bob Goff not only talks about doing, but also about loving. He paints an image of God’s love for us that is overflowing and contagious, a love that should be shared with others. Throughout the book, I simply wanted to wrap my arms around the people who love and encourage me to chase my dreams.

After reading Love Does, I find myself using the words “whimsy” and “caper” more often. If you have already read it, you will understand. If you have not read Love Does, then I highly recommend it to people looking for a little whimsy and adventure in their own lives. In fact, those who buy and read this book join Bob Goff in his caper to make a difference in the lives of children in Uganda by giving all of the proceeds to his organization called Restore International. Now that’s a book worth reading.

– Hannah Faye

Tune back in to this little caper of mine for some new music this weekend!


As I enter into my senior year of college, I find myself asking a lot of questions about the future. Even though I’d like to think that I have it all figured out, many of my friends and family who are several years older than me are entering into the real world and experiencing huge life changes that make me wonder about my own future. They are sending out resumes, applying for graduate school, getting their first official jobs, and moving to new cities. In the midst of their differing choices, they are all learning more about their own interests and identities. They are realizing that the decisions they make now are the foundations of their futures.

Recently, I’ve had a lot of conversations with those who are several steps ahead of me in life. I sit and listen as they talk through their thoughts and concerns about the future, and I often don’t know what to say.

So, I give them books.

The Quarter Life Crisis Reading List

The Defining Decade Love Does

Start Something That Matters Just Do Something

101 Secrets for your Twenties Outliers

        The Last Lecture  Wild                 Man's Search for Meaning  The Alchemist

These books have words of advice, warning, and encouragement about the future that I seem to lack. I have found ten books that deserve to be included on what I have deemed my “quarter life crisis reading list.” I myself have found comfort as I read through these books even though I have one more year of security in school. So as I continue through my last year of college and prepare for the real world, I plan to read through this reading list and share the lessons I learn.

I have already learned that it’s never too late to start thinking about the future, and it’s okay if you don’t always have all the answers. In fact, most people don’t have all the answers. How boring would life be if we knew the answers to all our questions? Sometimes the search for the answer is the most exciting part. (Although knowing some answers would be nice.)

I hope you all can enjoy reading through these books with me, and figuring out life one book at a time.

– Hannah Faye