by Hannah Faye

As I enter into my senior year of college, I find myself asking a lot of questions about the future. Even though I’d like to think that I have it all figured out, many of my friends and family who are several years older than me are entering into the real world and experiencing huge life changes that make me wonder about my own future. They are sending out resumes, applying for graduate school, getting their first official jobs, and moving to new cities. In the midst of their differing choices, they are all learning more about their own interests and identities. They are realizing that the decisions they make now are the foundations of their futures.

Recently, I’ve had a lot of conversations with those who are several steps ahead of me in life. I sit and listen as they talk through their thoughts and concerns about the future, and I often don’t know what to say.

So, I give them books.

The Quarter Life Crisis Reading List

The Defining Decade Love Does

Start Something That Matters Just Do Something

101 Secrets for your Twenties Outliers

        The Last Lecture  Wild                 Man's Search for Meaning  The Alchemist

These books have words of advice, warning, and encouragement about the future that I seem to lack. I have found ten books that deserve to be included on what I have deemed my “quarter life crisis reading list.” I myself have found comfort as I read through these books even though I have one more year of security in school. So as I continue through my last year of college and prepare for the real world, I plan to read through this reading list and share the lessons I learn.

I have already learned that it’s never too late to start thinking about the future, and it’s okay if you don’t always have all the answers. In fact, most people don’t have all the answers. How boring would life be if we knew the answers to all our questions? Sometimes the search for the answer is the most exciting part. (Although knowing some answers would be nice.)

I hope you all can enjoy reading through these books with me, and figuring out life one book at a time.

– Hannah Faye