by Hannah Faye

“Words can launch us…I believe it’s true that
the right people can say words that can change everything.
And guess what? We’re the ones who can say them.”

As I read these words, I felt like Bob Goff had written Love Does specifically to inspire me. I am passionate about words and believe that words have the power to shape our lives. That is why it is a dream of mine to become a writer. And Bob Goff’s novel is full of inspiration for everyone who reads it and everyone who has a dream.

I found inspiration from the beginning of the introduction to the end of the epilogue. I don’t know if I have ever read a book to which I can relate so closely and laugh so heartily with each chapter. Bob Goff has a powerful way of telling the stories of his life to his readers as if each reader is a close friend sitting on his living room couch.


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“…I’ll never just write down facts like what I had for lunch or who I was with or where I was. Instead, what I’ve been writing down are all of the things I can remember that have shaped me, all of the words or phrases that have pinged me, all of the stories that have happened in my life.” (p. 187)

With each chapter of Love Does, I too felt like I was being shaped by Goff’s stories and pinged by his words. His book now sits on my bookshelf as a constant source of encouragement to live a fully engaged life.

I have been encouraged and challenged by this book to be more active and intentional with my life by doing the things that I love. I talked about wanting to start a blog for about a year before finally sitting down at the computer a few weeks ago and putting my words into action. Now that I have, I am ready and excited to pursue more of my dreams, no matter how hard the journey may seem.

Bob Goff not only talks about doing, but also about loving. He paints an image of God’s love for us that is overflowing and contagious, a love that should be shared with others. Throughout the book, I simply wanted to wrap my arms around the people who love and encourage me to chase my dreams.

After reading Love Does, I find myself using the words “whimsy” and “caper” more often. If you have already read it, you will understand. If you have not read Love Does, then I highly recommend it to people looking for a little whimsy and adventure in their own lives. In fact, those who buy and read this book join Bob Goff in his caper to make a difference in the lives of children in Uganda by giving all of the proceeds to his organization called Restore International. Now that’s a book worth reading.

– Hannah Faye

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