by Hannah Faye


I am happy to introduce you all to one of my best friends and one of our favorite pastimes. Kadie and I have built our friendship upon a foundation of music, books, and coffee. From high school to college to post graduate life, music has been an amazing way to maintain our friendship. It has allowed us to remain connected despite the differences and distances. Even though the most recent distance between Texas and Alabama has been tough, our old and new traditions have kept us close.

A song of the day became an easy expression of what was going on in our life at that particular time. Every now and then, these songs contain a theme and turn into a playlist. So here is a playlist of our “fall picks,” with a hint of Halloween.

A Soundtrack for Fall

1. Tessalate / alt-j
2. Scare Me / New Beat Fund
3. Afraid / The Neighbourhood
4. Your Bones / Of Monsters and Men
5. Apples / Neulore
6. The Stranger / Lord Huron
7. Smoke Breathing Monsters / Desert Noises
8. Shake / The Head and the Heart
9. Orange Sky / Alexi Murdoch
10. Half Moon / Blind Pilot

Kadie is not only a kindred spirit. She is also an incredible, creative encouragement. She keeps me motivated and accountable when it comes to finding inspiration and being creative. Kadie is an unbelievable graphic designer. From hand written letters to album covers (like the one above), Kadie has filled my life with her talent and beauty.

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– Hannah Faye